#1 Koha Installation on Ubuntu 20.04 [Very Easy Steps Explained] | Koha Library Software |Koha 20.11

KOHA – LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: How to install Koha Library Software on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in Hindi | Koha Installation on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS | Koha Library Software Installation Manual in Hindi : In this video, We will explain that how to install latest stable version of Koha ILS on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Operating System. Koha is a very popular and open source library management software. We will also explain that how to fix Perl modules missing Error during Koha Web Installer Process.

Koha Installation Commands Link:- https://bit.ly/32nbeWX

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0:00 Start
0:20 Install Koha Package
2:40 Install MariaDB Database Server
5:45 Get Koha Default Master Password
6:22 Koha Web Installer
7:12 “Perl modules missing” Error Fixing
8:02 Setup Basic Configurations for Koha
11:06 Login into Koha Software

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Topic Covered in this Video:
1) How To Install Koha On Linux In Hindi
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5) Koha Perl Modules Missing
6) Koha Installation In Linux
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13) Install Koha latest stable verion on Ubuntu 20.04
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15) Perl module missing Error Fixing
16) Koha Installation Manual
17) Free Library Management Software
18) Koha ILS (Integrated Library System)
19) How to Install Koha on Ubuntu
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