12nm process, 100% in-house developed, China's mighty CPU surpasses Intel's 10th Generation Core!

The decoupling trend between China and the United States has led to rapid advancements in domestically produced CPUs in China, particularly in the case of Loongson. Loongson’s CPUs, based on the self-developed LoongArch instruction set, have made significant strides in terms of performance and are now competing with Intel and AMD. The highly anticipated 3A6000 series has achieved performance levels comparable to Intel’s 10th generation Core i3 processors. However, Loongson still faces challenges in terms of the ecosystem, as it currently relies on the Linux ecosystem, which lags behind Windows. To gradually replace Intel and AMD, Loongson needs to collaborate with domestic operating systems and attract developers to create software for Linux. UOS and Kylin software already support Loongson processors, but complete replacement will be a long process requiring time and support. Despite the challenges, Loongson’s achievements in the desktop market, including the release of the 3A6000 series, signify progress toward higher performance and autonomy. In contrast, China’s chip industry experienced a decline in production throughout 2022, setting a record for the worst performance in recent years.

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7 thoughts on “12nm process, 100% in-house developed, China's mighty CPU surpasses Intel's 10th Generation Core!

  • TSMC and AMD have already gone below 12nm
    12nm is not good or able to beat AMD chips
    Intel is rubbish and their chips are so crap my bum-hole is faster than a intel 10th Generation Core!

  • If you take a close look at the architecture I'll bet you'll find it's just a copy of someone else's design. Innovation doesn't happen in China because "innovator" means "independent thinker" and that's not allowed. Xi won't tolerate independence of thought, which leads me to believe that his hold on power is more tenuous than it seems from the outside.

  • They should just do what Pstar is doing and just rebrand older Intel i3 chips and claim them as their own.

  • lmao , the chip surpass intel core i3 10th gen in end of 2023? good luck replacing intel or amd

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