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Cisco CCNA 200-301 Complete Guide

About This Class
This course covers all exam topics for the new 200-301 exam to earn CCNA.

It’s recommended to review my GNS3 Course for Cisco devices so that you may more easily lab up the examples given in the course.

Whether your looking to add a certification to your resume, stay up on modern networking trends, or just getting started in the industry; earning your CCNA is a great way to get started.

This course provides everything you’ll need to go from 0 to CCNA.

Included in this course:

Lab setup instructions and recommendations
45 Lectures, covering every exam topic in detail
90+ Practice questions
Over a dozen labs!
According to Glassdoor, having CCNA on your resume can land an average salary of over $74,000 !

Definitely a way to get a jumpstart on a successful career!

Why wait to be successful? Let’s get started right here, right now; and I’ll be here to help along the way.

Happy Learning!

Source : https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Cisco-CCNA-200-301-Complete-Guide/7798886



Alice AUSTIN is studying Cisco Systems Engineering. He has passion with both hardware and software and writes articles and reviews for many IT websites.

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