28.Rules of Link Local Addressing || Computer Networks

28.Rules of Link Local Addressing || Computer Networks

IPV6 IP Addressing :
why need IPV6 address
Convert IPV6 address to IPV4 address
Write down the IPV6 Address
Link Local Addressing
Rules of Link Local Addressing
Retrieve MAC address
IPV4 address uses the ARP Protocol
Does IPV6 address permit the ARP?

Link Local :

1. First: it’s should be FE80 at the beginning
2. Second we have to ignore first “4” Hexa-tet
3. In 5th Hexa-tet , the 7th bit should be flip and all will be as it is
4. In 6th hexa-tet we will drop last 2 octet,
(Cause All Hexa-tet has 4 octet )
5. In 7th Hexa-tet we will drop first 2 octet
6. The last Hexa-tet will be remain as it is
7. We will get our Desired 48 bits MAC address from that
8. This Method is Vice Versa.
In Reverse we can add anything at 6th and 7th Hexa-tet , and begging it should be FE80.



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