5G Phone or 4G Phone: কোনটা কিনবেন | 5G Network Explained in Bangla | 5G Speed Test | 5G Launch Date

In this video I’ve discussed about 5G Network in Bangla, when 5G will come in Bangladesh and when will 5G come in India, Basically here in this video I’ve told you about the 5G phone in Bangladesh and India. Should you buy a 5G phone in India and Bangladesh right now? Previously I made two videos on 5G in India and the 5G Launch date in India and another one is about 5G in Bangladesh and 5G launch date in Bangladesh. I hope you’ll like it.

Please watch this videos:
5G in Bangladesh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD6r2I0A4AE
5G in India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLp3znb8Io0&t=31s

আজকের ভিডিওতে আমি বলেছি 5G সম্পর্কে, এখানে বলেছি আপনার কি এখন বেশি দাম দিয়ে 5জি মোবাইল কেনা ঠিক হবে নাকি 4G মোবাইলই কিনবেন। আমি এখানে 5G নেটওয়ার্ক সম্পর্কে একটু আলোচনাও করেছি, এর আগে আমি আরো দুটি ভিডিও বানিয়েছিলাম বাংলাদেশে 5G নিয়ে এবং ইন্ডিয়াতে 5G নিয়ে। আসা করি এই ভিডিওটি আপনার ভালো লাগবে।

Only six percent of the total mobile network users of Bangladesh in 2025 will enjoy Fifth Generation (5G) internet services, according to global mobile communication industry GSM Association (GSMA).
Bangladesh entered the 4G era in February 2018 but only 10 percent of users adopted the high-speed network up to 2019.
Companies like Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), Grameenphone, CityCell (PBTL), Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk, Airtel Bangladesh, Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) are working on 5G Network in Bangladesh.
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India’s mobile networks are racing to be the first to roll out 5G services, with support from partners around the world. 5G phones are already available in India but building the 5G networks they will work with is going to take time. Jio is said to have a complete end-to-end 5G solution prepared by the company itself that is ready for deployment once the networks are in place.
In India, 5G is still a pipe dream. The debt-ridden carriers say 5G spectrum prices are too high, and they also suggest 5G won’t be a big money-maker, at least in the initial years. A recent report suggests that by 2023, 5G will be used by only 5% users, while over 53% users will still use 4G. It means the most premium USP of the devices will remain dormant for a long time.
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