AEF Captiva ~ Another DUAL FEEDING For The Kids! 💕 Joe Brings In Greenery and A Rodent! 1.6.21

Joe flies in with some greenery (wax myrtle) for the nest! These fragrant leaves will act as an anti- microbial agent to help control insects & kill microorganisms. Connie will later fly in and start a feeding and #2 gets some good bites. Later in the day, Joe will bring in a small rodent and lay it right on #1 who is sleeping lol Joe and Connie begin a nice dual feeding for the kids and they both have full crops afterwards. Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

The nest is located in Captiva/Sanibel Island FL. The eagles are Connie and Joe. Connie laid her eggs on Nov 4th & 8th 2020. Both eaglets hatched on Dec 14th 2020 (2:31 AM & 08:24 AM).

Courtesy of AEF 2020 American Eagle Foundation This is a private partnership cam.
Watch live:

source by Lady Hawk

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