Africell Real 4G LTE Launch Speed Test TVC/Ad – The Gambia – Big FAA

Africell’s 4G is finally here with the Widest Coverage & Fastest Speed!
Take a look for yourself as Big Faa Borom Bagasii “Mr. Anything”, runs a live speed test using 2 different phones; one with the real #Africell 4G sim card and one with a 4G sim from another network.

WOW! Did you see that?! What a difference in speed between Africell and the other network!
And that’s why #BigFaa and many more use Africell!

Hurry up and go change your Africell sim for a New & FREE 4G sim and GET 1GB FREE!
That’s right…it’s ALL FREE but for Limited Time Only! So hurry to your nearest Africell branch in the Greater Banjul area and get your 4G SIM today!

“Where Africell goes, no one has the speed to follow!”

4g lte


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