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This time, we have the releae of elementary OS 6 public beta, a new mechanical keyboard from System76, Audacity getting some big backlash after annlouncing the introduction of telemetry, and some new information about the JingPad A1 , linux powered tablet

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Something that just didn’t make the cut for the previous new video: the elementary OS 6 beta is now available.

Linus Torvalds continued his interview with tag1consulting about open source and its commercial uses and practices, and, as the first part, it’s a very interesting read.

StarLabs, which, if you haven’t heard of the yet, is a Linux computer manufacturer, introduced their new Starbook Mark V.

A new video demoed the JingPad A1 hardware. It shows the design, very clearly inspired by the iPad Air and iPad Pro, and it looks like a very solid device.

Hands-On Video Gives Us a Closer Look at the JingPad Linux Tablet

Huawei launched a new Linux and ARM powered laptop.

Huawei’s New ARM Laptop Runs Linux, But Don’t Get Excited …Yet

System76 opened their new keyboard for pre-orders. It’s called “Launch”, and it’s a mechanical, customisable usb keyboard, with fully open source specs: the design itself, and the firmware are 100% open and available for anyone to pick up on.

Proton 6.4-3 was released, and it’s mainly composed of fixes that were previously in Proton experimental.

Wine 6.8 was released, this version installs libraries in architecture specific sub-folders, which I guess will help in tidying stuff up, the secur32 library has been converted to the PE executable format, and it also fixes 35 bugs.

Spotify’s is rolling out a redesign of its client, including for Linux. It’s a server-side change, so you’ll have to wait for it to update, but the new design is a lot more coherent with the mobile app, and looks a bit more modern than the older desktop client did.

Spotify’s Redesigned Desktop App is Now Available on Linux

Audacity pondered using telemetry to tray and gain more knowledge about how people use this venerable tool.

KDE Connect’s Android app got a nice makeover, removing the dated orange slabs of color that were in its menu. The update really makes the app look more modern, although it’s a big black and white now and could use a bit more graphical elements, maybe presenting the various features in a grid of icons instead of a list.

KDE Connect’s Android App Gets a Mini Makeover

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