Automatic Repair Loop Fix In Windows 10 (2019)

This video about how to fix Windows 10 automatic repair loop in startup ( a Screen saying ” automatic repair” ) and this problem happen in many computer Systems and mostly in Laptops, And here we are going to repair windows 10 using the methods and Tips in this video.

what’s Automatic repair Anyways:
Automatic Repair is a built-in feature designed to fix PC issues for you. But far too often, it can do more harm than good by getting stuck in a startup repair loop. It is a well-documented issue Windows 10/8.1/8 and there are two common variations of the Windows Automatic Repair loop.

1. Windows Automatic Repair gets stuck on a black screen with “Preparing Automatic Repair” error message.

2. Windows Automatic Repair fails and says, “Automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC”.
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how to repair windows 10


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