Best Mac Theme for Windows 7

Hey guys Jdawg706, showing you this awesome mac theme for Windows 7, for those Mac lovers out there who are stuck with a pc and want to live with the look of a mac then this is the theme for you, I will not need to make a video on how to get this or install this because the package is a self installing package which does everything for you!! TO RESTORE SYSTEM ICONS AFTER UNINSTALLING, GO TO HAMEDDANGER’S GALLERY AND DOWNLOAD SKIN PACK TOOLS, AND RUN THE ONE THAT SUGGESTS TO RETURN DEFAULT WINDOWS 7 ICONS!!! The download link is in the description and make sure you guys Thumbs Up, subscribe and Comment. BTW I KNOW IT LOOKS LIKE MY CURTAIN IS PINK BUT ITS NOT, ITS THE SUN REFLECTING OFF OF IT TO MAKE IT LOOK PINK, I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE CUTTING ON MY LIGHT SO..YEAH.
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