Black Screen After Updating NVIDIA Driver on Windows 10 Fix

Black Screen After Updating NVIDIA Driver on Windows 10 Fix

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Nvidia driver update black screen 2020? So you updated your graphics card (GPU) and now you are getting black screen? this is also known as black screen of death. Its a known bug with GeForce Nvidia driver and you need to update a fix to 456.71. links down below.

GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 456.71

Display Driver Uninstaller

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49 thoughts on “Black Screen After Updating NVIDIA Driver on Windows 10 Fix

  • Just a quick video to help people who are suffering with Black Screen after updating Nvidia Driver.

  • Bro it’s a black screen how am i meant to do this if i can not see my fucking screen?!?! 😡

  • my screen is black i was updating drivers and it went black so i turned off the pc now it’s black it won’t turn on

  • 3:16 you need to check PREVENT DOWNLOADS OF DRIVERS FROM WINDOWS UPDATE at the very bottom. Otherwise Windows will over ride or mess up the drivers again! I will come back in a few days to see if it works. But so far my process is this:
    1. Advanced System Settings -> disable auto hardware install
    2. Download drivers
    3. Safe mode -> device manager -> remove and delete drivers for all devices with orange exclamation point except the system devices
    4. DDU still in safe mode -> remove and restart
    5. reinstall with driver when rebooted

  • It sounds so simple and dumb but if any of y’all still have a problem with the log in screen, just deinstall the app and reinstall it. It should work then lol

  • I don’t have internet even when I use safe mode with networking 🙁

  • Bro on my problem… After i instal new driver for my gtx 970 ti… Its can be used for 2 week and than some time i want to use again.. after windows icon.. my monitor black… If find problem like this… Not only problem with the vram gpu??… Just problem with the software?? 5:37

  • i get the same black screen but when i launch any game !!!!

  • thats only a temporary fix, black screen keeps appearing on restart each nvidia driver update, I even updated my windows to 11 and my bios and no change, only ,fix, I could do is to either stay with the base driver or to set the nvidia as the main / only gpu in the bios so the integrated intel card is not even showing anymore and Im only using the nvidia one with whicever driver I want. Its the nvidia driver that causes the intel gpu to get a black screen on start

  • I was in the middle of the driver install browsing on Google and my screen went black. Waited for a while and nothing. Force restarted the PC and still black screen the entire time – not even the windows logo shows. I can hear the welcome sound playing in the background after boot. Tried connecting to my motherboard for display and still the same thing. Any help???

  • Omg, thank you! You just earned a new follower, lol.

  • I m facing the same problem like black screen n my win couldnt be able to startup…but i dont hv nvidia in my laptop its simole intel hd graphics 4000…can it work for me on this intel 4000? Plz guide me…

  • why can't nvidia trouble shoot this fucking issue and deliver a quality product. its bad enough we gotta shell out thousands every couple years for a new card the least they can do is not send out faulty updates that creates a headache afterwards with 0 support.

  • Thank u so Mach bro I was so confused what to do and then I watch your video and my problem is solved thank you so much❤❤❤

  • What happens if you can't false start? I can't get to this screen

  • This shit didnt work followed all steps and am still getting balck screen

  • I have a similar but different issue.. I have a GE1660i card… I never get a black screen on start up but I do get it randomly. It does seem to always be upon waking up my monitor. I learned the comp. is not frozen… it is just graphics card / driver issue. If I switch to extended display both displays will show up.. then I just switch back to single display and all is well. What do you think about this? I can live with it… but would love to fix it if possible…

  • Did the ddu as described and then the fix and when it’s installing I get the black screen again and back to square one.

  • Hello my friend, I have the same problem (NO DSP) I did all the solutions, it did not work, I searched all the sites, there is no one who addressed my problem. Please help. I will be grateful to you, your friend from Morocco. Computer's components: asus tuf game b550 plus cpu ryzen 5 3600x RTX 3060 TI TUF GAMING alimentation 650w RAM 32G

  • This happened to me today, but I just restarted my computer holding the power button and it boot normally working as normal

  • I did safe mode with network but still no wifi >:

  • Lol after black screen I just pressed win+ctrl+shift+B ,i think two times with a 10 sec gap. And it worked.

  • What if you can’t connect your pc to your network by Ethernet can I just uninstall the driver then log on to do the hot fix to then reinstall it?

  • Or you could just press windows key + ctrl + shift + b, and then it will load in like normal. Then just remove the driver afterward. I've had to do this on several occassions now cause it just automatically installs that driver after a clean install.

  • I can't even get a picture to show to see the settings, was working fine before I did a drivers update a few hours ago

  • thank you very very much
    my gtx 960 4gb msi is now working fine

  • The new Nvidia graphics driver 528 is causing my 4090 Founders Edition to keep rebooting I use ddu to uninstall the driver the card works just fine with the windows generic VGA driver

  • Such a life saving video since 70% of my screen was a dark green and flickering and I wanted to smash it with my keyboard, the only thing that stopped me was the dark green suddenly went away so i could click shit

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