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Advance Chip – Micro Level || Laptop Repairing Course ❗ For Demo 📞 700 400 9069

Charging Section
Remove Shorting Pro.
Audio Section
LVDS Section
LAN Section
USB Section
IO Section
IO programming
core section

TYPES OF COMPONENT – working , checking and identification

1- Resistor
2- Capacitor
3- Coil
4- Transformer
5- Diode
6- Transistor
7- Mosfet
8- I.C
9- Fuse
10- Crystal
11- Speaker
12- Series and parallel component


=) Types of power supply
=) Block diagram of SMPS
=) Explain circuit diagram of SMPS
=) Fault finding of SMPS
=) Tracing of SMPS
=) Cool checking and hot checking of SMPS

Mother Board (Desktop)

=) Types of mother board and generation
=) Types of CPU and socket detail
=) Port detail
=) Slot detail
=) Complete Ram detail voltage, memory, pins, FSB
=) Block diagram of mother board
=) Identification of IC’s and all section
=) Tracing point of all section
=) Explain with circuit VRM section
=) Fault finding procedure of mother board
=) Checking cool and hot
=) Soldering iron use
=) SMD machine use
=) Use jumper wire
=) Use disordering wire
=) Removing IC’s, mosfet, capacitor, coil

Laptop (mother board)

=) Difference between laptop and desktop
=) Laptop parts detail
=) Explain block diagram of laptop
=) Identification of all IC’s and section
=) Explain volt in section or power section
=) Explain step down section
=) Explain charging section
=) Block diagram of PSL logic
=) Explain trigger logic of laptop
=) Sus and run signal information
=) Chip removing rebolling ( Through BGA machine)
=) Use DC Power supply
=) Use DSO machine
=) Checking of dead laptop
=) Screen problem- white display, dim, display, dark screen
=) USB , HDD , WIFI , LVDS , webcam not work proper solution
=) Step by step voltage checking all section
=) Laptop shorting solution
=) I/O controller programming
=) Bios programming
=) Read schematic diagram with signal detail
=) Fault finding procedure of laptop
=) Signal Checking by DSO machine

Software Training

=) Make bootable and multi bootable pandrive
=) Windows installation and HDD partition
=) Difference between GPT and MBR partition
=) Driver installation online/ offline
=) Bios setting
=) Bios password break
=) Data backup on corrupt window
=) Admin password break
=) Software installation
=) Driver backup and restore
=) Window activate
=) Window file repair
=) Shrink volume
=) Data recovery

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✅Mobile Repairing Course
✅Laptop Repairing Course
✅LED TV Repairing Course
✅iPhone Repairing Course
✅mSAP (eMMC All IC’s Work)

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