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Build a Voice Assistant with Built-In Bluetooth Presence Detection

Enhancing Home Assistant’s Wyoming Voice Satellite with Bluetooth Presence Detection. We’ll compare ESPresence with Room Assistant to determine the best solution. Now your ChatGPT-Powered voice assistant can determine which family members are in a given room. Build really powerful automations!!

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Tutorial Links:
1. Room Assistant Install Instructions:
2. ESPresense Install Instructions:

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0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Two Sections in Documentation
2:02 – Install Room Assistant on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W
5:50 – Configuring Room Assistant
6:42 – Add Apple Watch to Room Assistant
8:09 – Starting Room Assistant & Creating Service
9:41 – Add Room Assistant to Home Assistant Dashboard
10:44 – Discussing ESPresense + ESP32 strategy
12:00 – Flashing ESP32 with ESPresense
12:19 – Discussing the Bigger Picture
13:00 – Connecting ESPresnse to Wifi & Configuring Settings
14:25 – ESPresense Advanced UI & Apple Watch Enrollment
15:35 – ESPresnse Device Filtering & Cleanup
16:27 – Adding ESPresense Apple Watch Sensor to Home Assistant
17:38 – Plugging ESP32 into Wyoming Satellite and Testing
19:04 – Closing Statements
19:45 – Outtakes (More like meme clips this time.. sorry)

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Alice AUSTIN is studying Cisco Systems Engineering. He has passion with both hardware and software and writes articles and reviews for many IT websites.

32 thoughts on “Build a Voice Assistant with Built-In Bluetooth Presence Detection

  • Im wondering how close we are to skip all this hurdle with an ai-powered-interface-unifying-gizmo? Hey, dont get me wrong , your video is straightforward and informative as always. Kudos!
    Surely my buddy at home will be thrilled with the upgrade. He's got this weird thing with sensors…

  • Would you mind doing a little tutorial on fine tuning your espresense? Great video!

  • @FutureProofHomes Thanks for making a video on this comparison, do you if we could leverage bluetooth-proxy running on ESP32 to also detect BLE presence by Bluetooth MACs instead of running separate ESP32 for ESPresence? If anyone here have combined the solution of BLT proxy and ESPresence, please do share with the community.

  • Hey 👋
    Great tutorial as always 🙂

    Small tips for you, as I was doing the same thing before.
    I see you are nesting all your cards into a big vertical stack on your dashboard because you do not like having multiple columns (I'm like you)

    I do not know if it bothers you but I always find it complex to edit a small thing quickly, especially on my phone, when I only have one card composed of 17 cards, including other stacks and grids.

    Anyway: There is a custom HACS component called "layout-card" that provides a new view type called "Vertical Layout"
    All cards will be displayed onebelow the other automatically 😉

  • I wonder when the raspi won't be able to handle anymore! 😆

  • Nice guide as usual…Do you plan to use your Espresense in automations ? I like to them in conjunction with a motion sensor due to the esp delay in connecting.

  • I'm using the built in Bluetooth LE Tracker integration which tracks if my device is near or not, sadly it does not directly expose the distance like ESPresence but it does the job for me for now 🙂

  • This is really cool though I have one question. What can you use this for? Maybe setting art or music when you enter a room? Would need sensors per room though I would think. What other useful things could this be applied to?

  • What’s with your beard bro? Alopecia Barbae?

  • Mmmmm cake. Excellent series. Got me thinking of all the extra cat6 cable I'll need to run in the house we are planning.

  • Wow. You’re just releasing one great video after another! I’m using ESPresence now and was considering building the Raspberry Pi Wyoming satellites after watching your prior videos. I was asking myself if I should then switch to Room Assistant to reduce the hardware. Well… question answered 😀. If you (or anyone else) can get the ESPresence code to run on the Raspberry Pi, that would be great.

  • I seem to remember that earlier versions of the Raspberry Pi zero (and some ESP devices) shared the Wifi and Bluetooth chip/stack (I don't recall the details), I may be misremembering this. I would think that having the separate ESP32 device would be a better solution as it isolates the processing, however the Wifi and Bluetooth will still compete.

    I have a single ESPresence device installed and I chose to go with an ESP device with onboard PoE and disabled Wifi, I haven't encountered any issues yet. I am mainly using it for trash detection currently, but plan to add more to assist with other automations.

  • I did your other video, followed each step and everything worked. The difference is the audio .wav sounds are quiet compared to the speech. Is there a way to adjust the two chimes/beep sounds to be louder?

  • What happened to the next video being how to fully and locally setup the LLM with functions to get it integrated with home assistant?

  • Another banger vid – thanks brother!

  • You will need to keep the bluetooth terminal app installed on the iphone at all times in order to keep the human readable id name?? I uninstalled it after I have obtained the irk# for the watch and deleted the app afterwards. Seems you cannot filter the irk # in the filter section of the espresense gui.

  • Great video and I’m really liking the progression. I feel there’s so many places you can take it next but since you have ESPresence I suspect you may update you system to use you location to personalize the experience. For example, have music follow you around, alerts and notifications in specific rooms, where my spouse automations etc. and since you have localAI you could get crazy and add the context to the llm and get really personalized responses and automations.

  • I'm interested to see how you use the espresense data, I have nodes in every room of my house and some HA automations that connect them to HA users so they act like a device tracker. So far I just have a users card that shows which room everyone in the house is in

  • Very nice series!
    Sure next layer would be a music following you depending on the room you are in or personalize music base on who is in the room. However it would be nice to see your implementation.

  • ok knucklehead heres a real way to do it, use home assistant and use pir sensors to automagically turn on lights when they sense your presence, only an idiot want s to beg the system to listen talk to the internet interpret then return a result, a sensor is on or off bro, and the gpio of a pi allows you to add in any pir or ultrasonic sensor easily, im using one to wake my scre3en and another to turn on my bathroom light, insert your usecase here, this is much more reliable than any stupid ass internet cloud based service, this is based on you setting up a pi to be a home server!

  • did you know chat gpt 4 is a senior developer? welp i do lmao and yep it is almost playable

  • Very nice, and I think I will be using the ESPresence nodes instead of Room Assistant, simply because ESPresence reacts so much faster than Room Assistant.

  • Love the series! Built a chatgpt powered satellite already and will update it with espresence asap. As for next steps, sensors? Temp, humidity, light level. Or am I thinking too small? 😅

  • is advisable to overclock the raspberry zero without an heatsink? or a fan?

  • No, no.. You need to tell me how to get Jarvis to work without sinking more $$$ into my homelab. The SO is starting to suspect I'm only automating the house so I can buy new devices. Psshh..

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