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  • Hey Paul, you're a pretty bright fella. Simply dont know how the BYD derives its 12V constant supply. If from 12V SLA battery, then constant quiescent drain from dashcam will cause it to sulfate, or accelerate its aging. Of course with the assumption that it's not a deep cycle battery.

    Additionally, as an FYI, Rossmann recently published a series of video RE fuses available on platforms such as Amazon (and by extension eBay, Aliexpress etc). Conclusion was that they withstand at least 2x their current rating for an extended duration.


  • Damn, I guess I'll have to go fuck myself.
    When the video started I said to myself that you'll never be able to get that glove box and trimming back together in one piece haha

  • There’s an app you can run now on the android system which records all 4 360 vision cameras. It’s been out in the wider community for about a day now. So this video didn’t age well 😂

  • Hey Paul, I’d seen some documentation saying there’s an internal fuse box that would let you skip needing to go into the “engine bay” area. Was that inaccurate? Thanks for posting mate, my Seal Premium has just arrived at the dealership as of yesterday, these videos are a godsend

  • Paul, did you explore using the existing cable setup in the OEM Dashcam area so you could feed through the Infotainment, or is that not possible (just curious if it can be done)

    Also, don’t suppose if I drove my Seal and BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam over, you’d instal it for me for a fee? I need to get it done, but want to get someone to do it that won’t totally F-up my car because they don’t know what they’re doing! 😜

  • Got any footage of removing the plastic of the window frame? Where does the wire need to be to don’t interfere with the airbags?

  • what dashcams are you using? would love to take a closer look at them

  • Surprised you couldn't use the 12v supply that's right there under the cover for the BYD dash cam – I assume there's both constant and switched 12v.

  • Yeah, that mystery box needs ripping apart. I reckon there’s a future where “dumb cars” are worth the premium. All the snooping and cloud stuff

  • I'm good for the heat shrink.
    Might need to think about the rest for a while.
    Yeah, nah

  • This is an awesome guide, thanks for sharing! Did you have to angle the side cameras towards the front to get full coverage given they are on windows near the rear of the car?

  • do you need to remove glovebox in order to remove the kick panel for access the computer's micro-USB ADB port??

  • Great install, thanks for sharing how you set it up. Nice work on the glove-box reassembly too. 😂

    How's the stereo going? I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product !!

  • Imagine how many devices would be completely fucked if Google decides to shut down its DNS one day.

  • That light panel usually houses the capacitive sunroof controls in other BYDs, seems to be fully wired but with blank switches.

  • 70W seems quite a high power draw for a couple of pokey cameras: are you sure the didn't have 2x 300mA fuses rather than 3A? (For cameras, I've never had an issue taking power from the nearest wire; and you will have 12V Battery from the dome lights, and there's probably a switched 12V in that big lump in the ceiling.) I admire your fastidiousness though!

  • Very curious. What is your background? Every time I come to your channel. there is always something different. You are like Johny Sins but for TECH. You fuk with everything lol.

  • I didn't know you could "concatenate" mp4 files? please share the sauce 🙂 lol.

  • Love that installment. Genius idea on the catvideo script – any chance of looking at the method you used?

  • That's great mate. I will do a similar setup in my car that will arrive in August – hopefully.

  • How tidy were those sheilas? Can you make the wifi be geofenced to your property? For a bit of fun I often get some wigel wifi going on my phone to see if people have a dashcams operating, logs their ssid, mac & gps location.

  • Thanks for your videos it's really informative keep it up ❤

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