Can't ACCESS 2ND ROUTER, OBTAINING IP Address, Connected but NO INTERNET | SOLVED – Tagalog

Before and after 2ND ROUTER ERRORS and SOLUTIONS, obtaining IP Address, connected no internet, can’t access 2nd router. Hindi ma-access ang second router? Walang internet connection?

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Malalaman po ninyo dito mga katropa kung bakit, hindi naging maayos ang pag configure po ninyo ng iyong 2nd router. Kadalasan, ang problema ay hindi po sinunod ng maayos ang video tutorial, mas marami pa ang pag skip kaysa panonood. Doing this kind of stuff, lalo na kapag hindi po kayo familiar sa tech, requires more attention and dedication to learn. Kung wala po yan, mahihirapan po kayo ma learn ang ganitong bagay, na pina pa simpleh ko as much as possible.

Ang videos po natin ay hindi po prank or entertainment video, you are not here to be entertained but to learn.

I cover almost all if not all errors when adding 2nd router, tulad ng hindi ma access ang 2nd router at walang internet connection from 2nd router. If you have any more questions, you can hit the comment.

0:00 Acknowledgement

0:40 Reasons why 2nd router setup isn’t successful
1:39 Main router ang na-access instead of 2nd router?
3:04 Hindi alam ang IP ng 2nd router?

4:06 Can’t access 2nd router
6:34 Double-check if you typed the correct IP
8:18 Can’t access 2nd router after na disable ang DHCP Server?
9:34 Can’t access 2nd router after changing IP Address?

11:10 No Internet, obtaining IP address

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