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CCNA 免費系列課程 【常見的術語和概念】 | ISO OSI IOS | Common Terms and Concepts | CCNA 200-301 full course | CCNA教程


Hi 我是Simon,從2006年開始從事互聯網工作,主要負責網絡安全,數據運維和針對企業内部及客戶的網絡技術培訓工作。
“Cyber Simon”是我創建的新平臺,我希望通過Cyber Simon能夠更多更好的分享互聯網相關技術,幫助大家在工作和學業上取得更好的成績!
關注互聯網技術,關注Cyber Simon,相信在未來的時光裏,我們都會獲得長足的進步!

For those of you who are new to Internet related technologies or learning CCNA, there are a lot of unfamiliar terms that you will face. In this video, we will have a first look at some of the terms, jargons and concepts that we will encounter in the future, we are not looking for the details here, because learning any knowledge is a process from shallow to deep, I will explain each concept step by step in the future courses.

Hi I’m Simon, I’ve been working in the Internet since 2006, mainly responsible for network security, data operation and maintenance, and network technology training for internal enterprises and customers.
“Cyber Simon” is a new platform I created, I hope that through Cyber Simon can share more and better Internet related technologies, and help you achieve better results in your work and study!
Pay attention to Internet technology, pay attention to Cyber Simon, I believe that in the coming time, we will get a great progress!

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