ccna 200 301 008 all 5 types of ip calculations | subnets | ccna exam questions scope | ip7 1h1m14s

In CCNA 200 301 & the previous versions of the exam, IP calculations are an important feature which has been very tuff for beginners.
So we have made the IP calculation videos in order to make you score more marks in the exams as well as in your job as well.
Here we have discussed all type of IP questions which could appear for the exam & the easiest way to approach these questions without getting confused.
We have introduced a simple JARGON [ NH MASK MULTIPLIER NETWORKS] to make you easily recall the steps and process simply.
here I didn’t include the techniques like “ticking & cutting off charts” because I found it’s really difficult for students to work out that chart on the exam hall due the small white board & a big marker offered to you there. In that case, most students won’t be able to write the big chart clearly, so easily try this method which helps you to answer any IP calculations within a minute if you practice this few times.
Understand where & why we are doing the IP calculations then it will be very easier. checkout the full set of videos in the playlist upon IP topic to learn ALL 5 TYPES of IP calculations.

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