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Looking for software to change your IP address, that really works? Watch this short video and see how you can take complete control of your internet address. Switch locations and hide your location at will.

Using dedicated change IP software is the safe and smart way to take control of your online presence. Using software to control your connection makes it much more secure and you can turn proxies on and off as you need and even select the right country. It makes life much easier being able to switch your address when needed, particularly if you’re circumventing blocks on different sites.

The software illustrated links to a network of very fast servers situated in data centers across the planet allowing you to change your ip address at will. Switch countries as you need, just by clicking a button. For utmost security use the automatic mode, which will re-route your connection via a different country every few minutes. This feature won’t be noticeable to you but will provide a super secure browsing environment and the utmost privacy and safety.

The video also explains the difference between your internal and external IP address and which one affects your online experience.

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