Charles Hoskinson on Cardano Future With Governance and Scaling

Talking to Charles Hoskinson about what the future of Cardano looks like. Covering the upcoming hardfork with Plutus V3 which brings more interoperability, speed increases and on chain governance. We dive into what governance on Cardano will look like with intersect and members based organisations deciding the future path of Cardano. We also get into what the scaling roadmap looks like for Cardano and the IO stablecoin working group.

⏲️ Timestamps ⏲️
0:00 Charles Hoskinson Cardano
0:52 Where Cardano is Now
4:15 Next Hard Fork
4:55 Plutus V3
7:05 Not Just Haskell
8:52 Push to Plutus V3
11:53 Future of Governance
18:05 Future Role of Input Output
22:45 How will IOG be Funded?
29:48 Voting with ADA or DIDs
40:24 Scaling roadmap for Cardano
48:10 Scaling Upgrade Timelines
50:01 Client Diversity pros / cons
52:15 Block times
54:44 Built like a tank
58:01 Input Output Stablecoin group
1:03:06 Closing thoughts

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Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my own opinion and is not financial advise as I am not a financial advisor. I am just a random guy on the internet with a big passion for crypto

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  • Watching Charles talk about Cardano feels like getting a free crash course in rocket science! 🚀😂

  • I believe in Cardano! It's the most decentralized ecosystem that is build for people!

  • Im watching the Crypto community treating Cardano and Charles Hoskinson quite disrespectfully. Even saw on a Clip Arthur Hayes refer to Cardano as a shit coin. Arthur Hayes as a BROTHER Im disappointed in your behaviour
    Anyway Charles carry on building your foundation because its one of the best the world will see.❤❤❤

  • I’m a little confused and nervous because both ADA and ICP both are research intensive but I’m leaning towards ICP because they aren’t reliant on AWS so how can ADA claim they are decentralized when you’re @ the mercy of the likes of Amazon Web Services! I Own both because I believe in one of these moving forward will be the most powerful platform!

  • If only the rest of the crypto community would simply understand the design process and compare it to the chain they are backing and realise how poorly those chains are built implemented. They wouldn’t be talking trash about Cardano then.

  • A lot of promisses since 2020, nothing happended till now..

  • Great interview. Appreciate putting timestamps in ❤

  • Cardano is already one of the most efficient blockchains I've used, and I tried quite some, so I'm pretty anxious to see how it operates in a few months. Charles is much more active in everyone's youtube chanels, my guess is that something really innovative is comming, I feel it like the Weeknd! Cheers from PT

  • Charles must be getting tired of explaining all this… Don't want to call it shit.. info. That's better

  • ❤ growing food ❤ Cardano ❤ Jehovah ❤ That’s all “ I refuse and won’t be Distracted ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Quality can not be denied. it's just a matter of time. Cardano will be the 1 to follow in blockchain technology.

  • Xeventy's presale got me hooked – the coolest way to be part of a groundbreaking project. Let's go!

  • ❤ good job Paul it would be great to see axo on your show

  • Now smart contract on cardano is very fast 4years ago was slow

  • Cardano is the tank that drives like a lambo. Go Cardano!

  • Great interview and excellent job hosting Paul!

  • Every time I listen to this man I'm blown away. My confidence in Cardano has increased 1000% over time.

  • Powerhouse chat, Paul. The chat about DIDs and decentralised governance is one I've been waiting to hear about. Good work. I also love the lack of price action talk on Cardano ambassador channels. I'm sick of hearing about charts… Subbed 👍

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