10 thoughts on “Cisco Packet Tracer running on new M1 Macbook Pro

  • Hi, I'm currently a networking student and is there any way to contact you? I have some question to ask regarding packet tracer on my mac that won't enable "ipv6 unicast-routing " it was from pka exercise that I'm trying to complete.

  • How do you stop the CLI from talking to you?

  • I have too little text in the console, how can I fix it? I didn't find the font magnification settings, while on windows I can change the size

  • Thank you so much!!!!! After months of waiting I could now practice hands-on networking using my m1 🙂

  • I strongly recommend #LAWTOLLS on Instagram , he got my MacBook and iPhone unlock, he is truly a hero.

  • Thanks! Do you know if it works with GNS3?

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