Cisco SD-WAN Tutorial for Beginners | SD-WAN Training | SD-WAN Basics in Hindi

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In this video, you will learn about Cisco SD-WAN, Basics, and SD-WAN components in Hindi. This short video SD-WAN Tutorial for beginners includes SD-WAN fundamentals, basics, components, and benefits of SD-WAN.

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SD-WAN means “software-defined networking in a wide area network (WAN)”. SD-WAN solutions are more advanced alternatives for traditional WAN routers. According to Gartner, SD-WAN solutions provide dynamic, policy-based, application path selection across multiple WAN connections and supports service chaining for additional services such as WAN optimization and firewalls. I-Medita, a leader in the Networking Training domain; has been following the growing demand of SD-WAN solutions closely.

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Cisco SD-WAN Components
How Cisco SD-WAN works?
SD-WAN Deployment
Controllers Deployment Options
SD-WAN Operation, Administration, and Management
Why do we need SD-WAN?
What is SD-WAN?
How Cisco SD-WAN works?
Cisco SD-WAN Control Plane
Underlay vs Overlay Routing
OMP Overview
OMP Best-Path Selection
Cisco SD-WAN Data Plane
What is a TLOC?
TLOC Color and Carrier
Tunnel Groups

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