CNCF: The Cloud Native Telco

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is the home to cloud native technologies, like Kubernetes, and seeks to make cloud native ubiquitous. Telecommunications is a vital part of the technology landscape and, with the rollout of 5G, stands to benefit from utilizing cloud native processes and tools. This session will go over initiatives CNCF has established to help the telecommunications industry adopt cloud native including the Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Working Group and CNF Test Suite.

The goal of the CNF WG is to identify cloud native best practices for CNFs running on Kubernetes. The CNF Test Suite is a tool which provides feedback on how well network applications implement cloud native best practices and principles. These initiatives will help push forward the evolution of NFV standardization championed by ETSI. Together, ETSI and CNCF have the ability to push NFV toward more cloud native ways of thinking, working, and operating.

source by TelecomTV

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