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  • Thank you for a simple and straight forward video. This is very helpful.

  • I have this basic setup working in my lab. Question, can you use a layer 3 Cisco switch and eliminate the router?

  • Ah nice: that was cool! I learned a lot! Got it to work but ran into ip conflics because of ports that were in the wrong subnet. But a few hours of typing it all works 🙂 But now that I know: the next time will be a lot faster 🙂

  • what do you do if your cisco router has no options to configure NAT? I'm working with a 3750v2 and basically have no options for ip nat.

  • I have done this procedure several times, I have even written a table with all the commands in order so not to get confused, here is what it looks like:
    int g0/0
    ip add dhcp
    no sh

    Int g0/1
    ip add
    No sh

    ip dhcp pool HOME
    ip dhcp excluded-address

    int g0/0
    ip nat outside
    int g0/1
    ip nat inside

    ip access-list standard NAT

    ip nat inside source list NAT int g0/0 overload
    do wr

    every time same result: The DHCP assigns several addresses ranging form to .14 (5 PC's). Outside of your description, g0/1 is going into a 3750 port and that's where the 5PC's are connected. I believe the Switch does not block the connection because when i bring another Ethernet cable coming from a home switch with a 192.168.2.x, all the PC's surf fine. I am obviously missing something.

  • thanks so much. the Home Lab is working fine. how about if I use the router. how about if I use a router instead of switch? what should I do in order for the routers from the lab communicate with outside world? should I do default route f0/0 overload ?

  • Can anyone point me to a good video setting up a Cisco 4321. I noticed you used eth 0/0 does that work the same as the Gigabitthernet command are they interchangeable or do I need to you int Gig on my box

  • After I set this up, I understand that I'd have regular internet connected through Ethernet. What if I wanted to hook a wireless router to that? Would I have to do anything extra?

  • Do you need a firewall with the config? Studying Cisco and want to flip over to using this kind of config in my home

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