Configure DHCP on Router |DHCP Configuration |Enable DHCP CCNA

Jawad Ahmad Technical IT (Enterprise Network) and Networking
I am Jawad. I will teach you IT (Enterprise Network) and Networking ( Routing and Switching )
cisco packet tracer dhcp server configure DHCP server both on router generic in Cisco Packet Tracer cases configuration interface fa0/0 act as the default gateway for our LAN enable
Router# config terminal
Router config-if ip add 255.255.255.pool of IP addresses assigned hosts Default DNS Server dhcp MY LAN test by pinging PC2 from PC1 Ping should succeed Gateway Maximum Number users 256 Finally each PC Two PCs get automatically configured proceed define network parameters. CCIE Academy Intro
End Devices
00:55​ IPv4 vs IPv6
01:20​ Manual IP Address Configuration for End Devices
01:36​ End Devices in Network
02:28​ Configuring IP Addresses
02:47​ DHCP
03:19​ Configure an IPv4 Addrss on a Windows Host
03:34​ How to Find my IP Address
03:53​ ipconfig
04:13​ NCPA.CPL
05:54​ Assign Manual IPv4 Address
06:22​ Default Gateway
07:22​ IPv6 Addrssing and configuration options are similar to IPv4
07:53​ DNS Server
08:30​ Packet Tracer
09:03​ Configure Manula IP Address in Cisco Packet Tracer
09:30​ Class C Subnet Mask
09:49​ Check IP Configuration in Cisco Packet Tracer
10:00​ How to Check Connectivity



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