Crosstalk Network Trivia!

Join us for Crosstalk Network Trivia this Friday, December 18th, 2020 @ 12pm Pacific time.


Full contest rules:

Crosstalk Network Trivia contest this Friday 12/18/2020 @ 12pm Pacific time. Live stream starts at 12pm, contest will begin around 12:30.

2 separate rounds of 20 questions – all network related. You can join one or the other, or both rounds – each round can have up to 50 contestants, the first 50 contestants to join will be in the contest. If you don’t make it into the first round, try for the second round.

Prizes for each round will be:
1st prize: (1) Yubikey 5Ci Clear (limited edition) (or $40.00 cash for International winners)
2nd prize: (1) Yubikey 5 NFC (or $20.00 cash for International winners)
3rd prize: (1) Crosstalk magnet/sticker/beer coaster pack (or $10.00 cash for International winners)

How to join the trivia contest – up to 50 contestants per round.

– Download the Kahoot! App from the Apple app store or Google Play store
– Join the Crosstalk Discord:
– If you make it into the contest, you will want to join the Crosstalk Discord Live-Stream-Kahoot voice chat – this is where you can hear the questions in real time as well as see them on my shared screen.
– When the contest starts, I will put a join code up on the screen – you will enter that join code into the Kahoot! app to join the contest.
– When you receive the Join code for the trivia contest, it would be best to use your Discord name so that we can easily identify you if you win, but this is optional.

IF YOU WIN A PRIZE: Take a screenshot of your phone showing you as the winner, and email it to us:

Other rules:
– I reserve the right to deny entry or disqualify any contestants for any reason.
– Contestants must comply with YouTube Community Guidelines:
– YouTube is NOT a sponsor of this contest, and is released from all liability related to this contest.
– Any personal data obtained will NOT be used in any way other than to contact winners of the contest.

Good luck!
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