Deploying Multi-Container Applications using Template (OpenShift Containers & Kubernetes Part-10)

EX180 Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift
Deploying Multi-Container Applications using Template

cd ~/multicontainer-openshift/images/mysql
sudo podman login -u tejendrarana
sudo podman build -t do180-mysql-57-rhel7 .
sudo podman images
sudo podman login -u tsrana
sudo podman tag do180-mysql-57-rhel7
sudo podman push

cd ~/multicontainer-openshift/images/nodejs
sudo podman build -t do180-nodejs .

cd ~/multicontainer-openshift/deploy/nodejs
sudo podman tag do180/todonodejs
sudo podman push

cd ~/multicontainer-openshift
oc process -f todo-template.json -p RHT_OCP4_QUAY_USER=tsrana | oc create -f –
oc get pods -w
oc expose service todoapi
oc status

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