#DevOps Project Complete Installation and Configuration on #AWS #EC2 #Instance – #Ubuntu Server

In this video, we guide you through the complete setup of a robust DevOps environment on an AWS EC2 instance. Follow along as we install and configure essential tools, including Java, Maven, SonarQube, and Jenkins, using a single shell script for simplicity and efficiency. Learn how to create a Java project, integrate it into the DevOps pipeline, and leverage SonarQube for advanced code quality analysis and Nexus setup. But in Jenkins, Nexus-plugin support is not available to integrate with the Jenkins. So, I didn’t show the nexus part for artifactory purposes.

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – AWS EC2 Instance Setup
5:30 – Shell Script for Java, Maven, SonarQube, and Jenkins
12:45 – Java Project Setup
18:30 – Maven Build for Java Project
24:15 – SonarQube Configuration
31:00 – Jenkins Installation
38:30 – Jenkins Configuration for SonarQube Integration
45:15 – Jenkins Configuration for Java Project
53:30 – Advanced Jenkins Features
1:05:00 – Troubleshooting Tips
1:15:30 – Nexus Integration for Artifactory
1:25:00 – Real-world Deployment Scenarios
1:35:00 – Q&A Session

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