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Dolibarr ERP / CRM – Open Source ERP / CRM software for the masses.

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Dockerhub Image

Install Docker / docker-compose script

Install NGinX Proxy Manager

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=== Timestamps ===
00:00 beginning
00:09 Introduction to Dolibarr
06:30 Installing Docker and Docker-Compose with a script
08:05 Copy the Docker-Compose File from DockerHub
14:45 Setup and A Record for our Dolibarr DNS
17:00 First Try of our Docker-Compose
18:50 Update our Docker-Compose file
20:00 Second Run or our Docker-Compose file
21:40 Setup our NGinX Proxy Manager host entry
24:10 Modify our Docker-Compose one more time
25:45 Third / final Run of our Docker-Compose file
27:20 Access and Login to Dolibarr
28:05 Setup SSL for Dolibarr with NGinX Proxy Manager
29:10 Quick Dolibarr UI Overview

=== Contact ===
Twitter: @mickintx
Telegram: @MickInTx
Mastodon: @MickInTX

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What does the money go to?
To Pay for Digital Ocean droplets, donations to open source projects I feature, any hardware I may need to purchase for future episodes (which I will then give to a subscriber in a drawing or contest).

=== Attributions ===
Intro and Outro music provided by


by Awesome Open Source

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