[EN] ctrlX developR (Season 2) – Episode #5 Create a web-based HMI

In this episode of ctrlX developR our game changer Thomas demonstrates how to create a web-based HMI application for visualizing and operating the ctrlX CORE on a web panel. The resulting information can even be accessed on a smartphone. It works simply by using an app from one of our ctrlX World partners SMART HMI that integrates seamlessly into our system. Thanks to open software architecture of ctrlX AUTOMATION, users benefit from a constantly growing ecosystem – in short: ONE OPEN SYSTEM. OPEN-END OPPORTUNITIES.

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This is Season 2 of ctrlX developR:
#1 Configure Components – https://youtu.be/Evff7upixQo
#1 How-to: Configure Components – https://youtu.be/tDNnb8vGCQU
#2 Set up a ctrlX CORE & PLC Programming – https://youtu.be/3iDyIncY708
#2 How-to: Set up a ctrlX CORE & PLC Programming – https://youtu.be/pZByX9Oaq2I
#3 Use Graphical Programming for Pick & Place – https://youtu.be/64ew6g4gZzQ
#3 How-to: Use Graphical Programming for Pick & Place – https://youtu.be/ljooYMHs-qo
#4 Implement Machine Safety – https://youtu.be/G3w3EoGbQq4
#4 How-to: Implement Machine Safety – https://youtu.be/7oUoREWQlLA
#5 Create a web-based HMI – https://youtu.be/wkCigblt3ME
#5 How-to: Create a web-based HMI – https://youtu.be/JPHyx5xX3-8
#6 Handling Application | Live-Demo – https://youtu.be/NK1jhwniOcc

You missed Season 1? No problem!
You can find all episodes in our ctrlX AUTOMATION playlist:

ctrlX AUTOMATION surmounts the classic boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things. With a Linux real-time operating system, consistently open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering and a comprehensive IoT connection, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces components and engineering costs by 30 to 50 %.

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Director: Jasmin Heim, Lena Reinhardt – Bosch Rexroth
Actors: Christian Zentgraf, Thomas Fey – Bosch Rexroth
Agency: ressourcenmangel
Production: auf drei

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Léa LOPEZ, Telecom System Administrator, Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, Ambala (INDIA)

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