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Enterprise Linux Security Episode 82 – In the name of the Law

When a threat actor breaks into a router and adds firewall rules that the owner didn’t approve of, that’s considered hacking. But when the FBI does it… …it isn’t?! In this episode Jay and Joao discuss a recent story where the FBI did exactly that, and they’ll also discuss how Microsoft has become the biggest “face palm” discussed on the podcast so far.

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5 thoughts on “Enterprise Linux Security Episode 82 – In the name of the Law

  • Imagine how much damage the Microsoft hack could cause to the wider economy depending on what is leaked.

  • Huge corporation means lots of levels and lots of administrators. Combine the normal negative results of those with human nature like “I can do this. What’s the harm?” or simple boredom causing carelessness. These can happen easily considering the steep decline in character in our society. Then there are the effects of the massive layoffs to consider. In short, it is a huge mess.
    BTW.. Since Microsoft lied after the effect to business, how truthful can we expect them to be?

  • Good video guys. Can you give us some links about the microsoft hack?

  • Thank you for another great episode. Do you have the news about the Microsoft Hack? I'm searching but Microsoft has been hacked lots of time

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