Episode 3 – Installing the Primary Server (Windows Server 2019)

In this video we are going to set up a Windows Server 2019, which will become our primary server in the lab environment. If you have not done so already, watch the previous Episodes of the “Setting up the Lab”-Playlist.

– Downloading Windows Server 2019 ISO: 0:41
– Prepare Files and Folders: 4:36
– Installing Windows Server 2019 (Acme-DC01): 9:44

Important commands/values:
– The password for everything is: PassW0rd!
– Name of Primary-Server: Acme-DC01
– Size for virtual Disk: 120 GB (Dynamic)
– 4 virtual CPU Cores for Acme-DC01
– Install the edition “Standard with Desktop Experience”
– Configuration Utility: sconfig
– Display the name of the local PC: hostname
– If the installation-error occurs, either disable Hyper-V or install the lab within Hyper-V

windows server



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