Episode 4 – Installing the Router (RAS on Windows Server 2019)

In this video we are going to Setup a Windows Server 2019, which will act as the Router for our network (upon completion of the whole series). Make sure that you have watched and understood the previous episodes in the “Setting up the Lab”-Playlist.

– Prepare Files and Folders: 0:41
– Installing Windows Server 2019 (Acme-DC01): 3:17

Important commands/values:
– The password for everything is: PassW0rd!
– Name of Router: Acme-Router
– Size for virtual Disk: 40 GB (Dynamic)
– 2 virtual CPU Cores for Acme-Router
– Install the edition “Standard with Desktop Experience”
– Configuration Utility: sconfig
– Show name of local PC: hostname

windows server



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