Finally Fixed..WRONG! No Crank No Start! Thinks it's STOLEN! 2010 Pt Cruiser

Go WAY back to Part 1: Worst Engine Ever!! Chrysler Destroys Itself on Startup!

Part 2: Testing for BENT VALVES! Teardown Chrysler 2.4 2010 PT Cruiser

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20 thoughts on “Finally Fixed..WRONG! No Crank No Start! Thinks it's STOLEN! 2010 Pt Cruiser

  • One of the local locksmiths will cut a key that will start the vehicle , unlock the doors but if the battery ever goes dead then the antitheft system will shut down the ignition start. I'm not sure how the locksmith is able to do this but I'm guessing he is fooling the ecm by coding as a different VIN #.

  • If you need write ✍️ off get paperwork write off offer from auto donate ect and give it to someone who needs it.
    If you don’t need the right off do as you do. Donate for carry over depending if your a incorporated entity as those are nice options for a win win before January 1

  • When I had ECU/ECM (computer) start dying in my 2005 GMC Canyon, I did some looking around to see what my options were. One that wasn't a good one, buying a used one from a scrapyard. That would never work directly swapped in, from what I have learned. I found online a few places that sell refurbished units. They had to program it with data from the vehicle to make it be useable. So, later, after I received it in the mail, I swapped it in, connected the battery, and had to perform a key relearn. After finding info to do that, the truck started right up. P0315 code (needing to relearn variable valve) showed up, and usually does on this kind of swap. My cheap $200 scan tool could not initiate the relearn test. That required me to take it to a shop that has the tool to do it. It would not pass smog without having that code cleared after the test was done.

  • PT Cruiser is a non-interference engine. Pistons will not hit the valves.
    However, the valves are interference with each other. So having the timing belt fail can result in the cams becoming out of sync, and smashing the valves up.

  • It would be more fuel efficient than your dirtymax as a daily driver.

  • As @DrcJr77 suggested, " use it as loaner car for customers…".
    While i support THAT idea on one side of the coin. On the other side, of that same coin, you could also loan out THAT incredibly RARE, cream puff, dream machine made out of " CHINESEIUM ", to your more " IRRESPONSIBLE and PROBLEMATIC " customer base that EVERY shop has to deal with. Hell, you could even give it an impressive sounding name such as " The PREFERRED Customer Appreciation Loaner Vehicle Program " 🤔😅👍.

  • I've always wanted a PT Cruiser but I didn't have money for one when they first came out. Now a days when you see these things they are all bent out of shape and not taken care. Numerous things broken and the like. All things considered this one is in pretty good shape. I'd buy it. I still have to find time to schedule an appt with you to take a look at my car. However it got into a minor fender bender and now I have some body work to do on before it can be driven again. Looking forward to how this thing turns out.

  • Those cars are really good people like to hate on them but they're everywhere still up here in New York state I live in upstate New York near Syracuse and they're everywhere still! That has to say something!

  • Use car as a shop vehicle to make parts runs. Maybe pick up, and/or drop off customers. Or personal use to avoid putting miles on your truck for local runs.

  • I was going to buy one of those cars but seeing all the problems they have decided not too.especialy when you have to change the spark plugs they say it's a real winner. Or a joke. I like the style of the PT cruiser but not when it breaks down as I watch you working on it, you have to be a mechanic to own one.

  • As a person who has owned multiple PT Cruisers and still owns a 2003 with 66,636 miles right now, I personally enjoy the PT Cruiser. Where they are a nightmare to work on and replace even the simplest things, I do enjoy driving them as they are TANKS in the snow. Even in a foot of snow they are tanks. I have been able to get through snow that even trucks get stuck in.

    I had a 2008 from Tennessee that I loved more than any other PT I had but I sold that for a larger vehicle. Biggest mistake ever. Sold it for a 2013 escape. Transmission went as i drove off the lot. In 7,000 miles, the transmission was replaced 2 more times. Dealer bought it back and got me a deal on a 2020 escape. Transmission failed at 34,000 miles. Bought a 21 F-150. Transmission failed at 16k. Determined Fords after 2013 are Junk. Bought a 2020 2.0T Equinox and its been better than any Ford. 50k miles of Hard towing and it still runs like i drove it off the lot.

    My last PT Cruiser I have, I will rebuild, repair, replace whatever as long as i can. May not be the most desirable but they are reliable and great vehicles if you MAINTAIN them properly.

  • I am very impressed that you managed to get that car moving again.

  • Please keep it as a shop loaner Ray. No one should be given that POS that was the PT. There are other projects that your subscribers could help with to give away a car to a deserving cause, unless you put a lifetime warranty on it.😅

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