[Fixed] Black Screen issues by Running System Restore on Windows® 7

Get instant technical assistance for resolving the black screen issues on your Windows® 7 based PC by running the system restore . Our skilled technicians can provide you with easy-to-follow steps and also help you in performing them on your PC.

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36 thoughts on “[Fixed] Black Screen issues by Running System Restore on Windows® 7

  • Thanks but my windows 7 screen show black not show anything only show mouse cerser

  • the bios shouldnt be affected by the black screen they are talking about in this video friendos and this worked for me

  • Is there another way to do this my last system restore point was 2016

  • Yes this work….Just restart your pc… Then press F8 and go to safemode and then once pc start….search for system restore and follow as show in video… It worked in my pc.. Thanx alot

  • this video sucks, it makes me not like her ugh. im triggered. she basic af

  • I found another way I don't know if this works but
    Restart your computer (I mean by take the computer plug out and back in) turn it back on
    You might see two options. Do not press start Windows normally press the top one.
    There it will take you to a screen do not press cancel, it will load and tell you if you want to restore.
    Click yes and wait a couple minutes. Success, your computer is now working.

  • What do i do if every time i turn on the system unit the screen only shown blackscreen? I cannot even go to the desktop. So how can i do the system restore? the mouse and keyboard is not also working?

  • help me please
    I tried sticky keys, ctrl+alt+del but nothing is working I even tried windows +p and there is no option of system repair in my pc (desktop) if I try to start windows with safe mode then this black screen happens again. help me

  • How do you expect to access the start menu when you have nothing but a black screen? This isn't helpful for a black screen issue.

  • very good but it doesn't help at all, so how do i run system restore without seing my screen :'( my default nvidia display wont turn monitor after update it removed all drivers so the monitor wont work anymore, what can i do now :'(

  • Try restarting the computer after disconnecting all external devices (except the mouse, keyboard and monitor) and see if you get any display. If not, restart the computer and tap F8 again. Select the ‘Enable low-resolution video’ option and press Enter.
    If the desktop is displayed in that mode, the display driver needs to be updated.
    Hope that helps. Feel free to call us if required.

  • i tried this already and still didn't fix the black screen.

  • It is really funny, that the computer used in this video did not have a blank screen!

  • When I start my pc, after the boot "beep", I see the black screen. I can't use the safe mode but after 8-10 minutes it restarts and one time continued its process!! I really don't understand! Please help me

  • well my case isn't exactly the same. After the boot "click" I hear I have a black screen and I can't use the safe mode option!! After 5-7 minutes my computer continues it's process but I can't understand this delay… Please help me!!

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