Going Cloud Native With Linux | ITProTV Webinar Teaser

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The Cloud has become an integral piece of almost every IT department, and Linux has been a huge part of that. Organizations worldwide have been dipping their toes in cloud technologies by shifting their on-premises technologies over to a hybrid environment and are now looking to go “Cloud Native.” In this webinar, Women in Linux Founder Tameika Reed and ITProTV’s Don Pezet will discuss what Cloud Native really means and how Linux fits in as a core technology.

Tune in to this webinar to learn:
– What it means to be cloud native
– What steps are required to become cloud native
– If you should implement a multi-cloud strategy
– How the cloud changes Linux security practices
– The journey to adopting the Gitops Strategy
– What does it mean to have immutable infrastructure
– How you manage Linux licensing

Tune in to this webinar if you are looking to move your Linux-based workload in to the cloud at https://go.itpro.tv/cloud-native.

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