Headset & Mic Setup Win 7

Connecting a headset or separate mic to you PC or laptop, this is super easy to do. In this video I walk you through the setup for USB audio in and out. What if your connecting a separate Mic? no worries I cover that also. I even go through and set up audio output through a audio optical output providing your PC or laptop has this audio output type. This video was recorded on a Win 7 PC using a audio technica mic. The headset I used to show the speaker setup are there PDP Afterglow NUR’s. I used Open Broadcaster software to record the screen capture and audio. While this free software is great my mic did not sound as good as I wanted it to.

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Audio Technica 2100 USB Mic

PDP Afterglow Nur Headset ( Keep in mind the Mic is terrible on this headset )

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