Hoop virus (ransomware). How to decrypt .Hoop files. Hoop File Recovery Guide.

This is a malware removal video guide that demonstrates How to remove Hoop File virus (ransomware), Recover ransomware encrypted files, Decrypt .Hoop files for free. This guide is based on the instructions posted on cstechgeek.com: https://cstechgeek.com/hoop-file-virus-removal

Hoop virus (Hoop ransomware) is a new ransomware malware that encrypts victims’ files and thus locks up the information contained in them.

Content Of The Video
0:00 Hello guys first of all welcome to my channel
0:56 Restart Your PC in “Safe Mode With Networking”
1:34 Show hidden files and folders
1:58 Stop Virus Related Process From Task Manager
2:40 Remove Virus From Control Panel
3:07 Remove virus related malicious IP Addresses From the Host file
4:16 Remove Virus related registry entries
6:49 Delete files associated with virus hiding at different locations
10:56 Restore your computer
12:10 All About .Hoop File Virus
13:28 Automatic Hoop Virus Removal Method
13:49 Recover Encrypted Files

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So your PC got attacked by .Hoop File Virus (which a new strain of Stop/Djvu Ransomware). First of all, I am very sorry for you. Your computer is attacked by a very nasty Ransomware infection. This .Hoop is actually the 304th variant of the STOP/Djvu Ransomware family.

After the infection, all your files would have got the .Hoop extension at the end of their names. such as any file named “1.jpg” will get converted into “1.jpg.Hoop” and you are not able to access these encrypted files.

You can also find “_readme.txt” ransom note in every older demanding Ransom money worth $980 USD in Bitcoin. However, if you pay within 72 hours, you can get the decryption key only for $490 USD.


Please do not try to pay contact hackers to buy the decryption key. they will most likely cheat you and don’t give you a decryption key after getting the money.


you can delete this threat from your computer using a powerful anti-malware application then you can begin the data recovery process through alternative means.


If you have any backup of your files then you can restore your data after removing the virus. If you don’t have any backup then try using Data Recovery Software.


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Important note!!! :- Be sure to scan your system completely for malware before trying to restore or decrypt encrypted files.

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