Hoop Virus Ransomware. How To Remove .Hoop Virus. Decrypt Hoop Files. Hoop file recovery guide

.Hoop File Virus Ransomware Removal (+.Hoop File Recovery)

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Hoop is the recent variant of STOP/Djvu Ransomware infection. It is a file-encrypting malware. Once inside your computer, it will encrypt (lock) all your files, documents, videos, images, music, database, backup etc. with strongest RSA encryption algorithm.

Hoop Ransomware will also add “.Hoop” extension at the end of your file name. For example, a file initially named as “1.jpg” will look like “1.jpg.Hoop” after encryption. Ransom note “_readme.txt” will also be left in all your folders demanding $980 USD in Bitcoin as ransom money for the decryption key. However, if you wish to pay within 72 hours of the encryption, you can get a 50% discount and your effective ransom price will be $490 USD.

Hoop Virus will also offer to decrypt one of your files for free as proof that hackers can decrypt your files once you pay the ransom money. They also instruct you not to try alternate methods to decrypt your files or renaming the encrypted data because it can corrupt your files.

In case of Hoop Virus Ransomware, there are two possible ways of encryption, First is Online encryption which occurs if your computer was connected to Internet at the time of infection. There is no way to recover files that are locked by the Online Encryption method. Second is Offline encryption that occurs when your PC was not connected to the Internet at the time this virus started to encrypt your files. You might recover your files in Offline Encryption method, if someone who paid the ransom money for Offline decryptor and share it with you, which is highly unlikely.

You can remove this Hoop File Virus using a Malware Removal software (Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware) and recover your files through backup (if you have any). There is no free decryptor available for this infection. It might take a while before the .Hoop Decryptoor get released. So until then then you can create a backup of your encrypted Files on any external hard drive or cloud drive. You can also try a Good Data Recovery software and see if it can recover your .Hoop virus encrypted files for you (this method usually recover lots of files).

You can also try to remove this Hoop File Virus manually from your computer. Manual Removal process takes lots of time and effort and un-experienced users should be extra careful while removing .Hoop virus manually. If you don’t know how to remove any virus from your computer manually then click on the above link to visit the .Hoop File Virus Removal Guide.

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On a final note, I would like to wish you good luck for the removal of .Hoop Virus from your computer and .Hoop file recovery. Do not trust any body who says that some hacker on Instagram helped them recover their encrypted files. Its all a scam and you will end up paying even more money than what this .Hoop Ransomware demanding from you.

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