How Lord Fun Michael Steals IP addresses! EXPOSED‼️

It’s really scary, I’m not telling how exactly you do it. You might do something illegal, that’s why I’m not gonna say any further information.

also, some ppl are calling me a hypocrite because I have my bullys ip address. But did I say that I leaked it? My bully is kinda like my friend, shes mean but shes also kind. I even went to her house so it doesnt matter if I have her ip or not. Some of you are saying that I got someone elses ip address aswell. They say sent a link on Flos community tab thingy idk. Welll, that wasnt a link where I grab your ip, I just commented on flos community tab saying that there can be other examples of fake links you shouldnt press on. But I twisted up the words a little in the example, so noone gets their ip stolen or used. To the person that thinks I have their friends ip, I dont, I swear. Ill even make a video about this all.

ip address


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