How to disable BIOS Cache or Shadowing?


Some users have reported getting a Blue screen of death where they are suggested to disable BIOS Cache or BIOS Shadowing. This post will help you understand the message and also help you resolve it.

What is BIOS Cache or Shadowing?

Motherboards have a fixed or read-only storage called ROM. It houses the firmware which runs the chips or hardware on the computer. However, the ROMs are slow, and OEMs offer a method where the ROM is loaded into RAM to execute commands faster. This happens when the computer boots. The section of RAM that holds the ROM codes is called shadow RAM.

How to Disable Bios Cache or Shadowing?

How to disable BIOS Cache or Shadowing

Most of the PC manufacturers have this option as default. While it works most of the time, some users have reported getting BSOD.  The good thing is that this can be turned off from the BIOS. While you can follow the steps below, it may differ as every OEM has its own way of implementing it.

Restart the computer, and press the F2 or Del key to get into the BIOS.

Then go to Advanced Section, and look for the memory option. It is commonly marked as Caching or Shadowing. Please turn it off, and restart the computer. Once done, you should not get any blue screen of death.

That said, it is important to know that changing the options in BIOS may result in more problems.

While it is not like you will lose all the data, make sure you know what you are about to change. In case you do not feel confident enough, get in touch with tech support to change it.

I hope the post helped you understand what BIOS cache or shadowing is and how it helps the computer get things done faster on the hardware level. However, the impact may not be great, and turning it off may not impact a lot when it comes to performance.

How to Disable Bios Cache or Shadowing?

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