How to Dual Boot Windows XP with Windows 7 Detailed Tutorial

How to Dual Boot Windows XP with Windows 7 Detailed Tutorial….

Download EasyBCD……..

In Brief……

1) Make sure you are booted into your Primary OS (Win 7)

2) Create Windows 7 recovery / restore disc.

3) Create a Partition on your Hard Drive and name it.

4) Reboot system with XP disc in and Boot from the disc.

5) Follow Instructions to Install Windows XP.

6) Select the correct partition to install XP to.

7) After Install it will reboot, All being well it will boot to XP and continue with the setup.

8) In XP Install Network Driver.

9) Download EasyBCD.

10) Run EasyBCD and add Win 7 to the Boot Menu.

11) If you end up back in Win 7 use EasyBCD to add Windows XP to bootloader.

12) Reboot, and enjoy a Dual Booted machine.

13) IF HOWEVER, you get the same black error screen as i did, Use the windows 7 restore disk to get to the command prompt and enter the following commands…..

bootrec /fixmbr press Enter
bootrec /fixboot press Enter

14) Reboot into Win 7 then use EasyBCD to add XP to the Bootloader.

Thats it, you’re done!


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