How to Enable HDR Support in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. However, to watch an HDR video, you need to have a  display that can handle HDR contents and a browser that can stream it. In Microsoft Edge, you can enable HDR contents by turning on few settings.

Hardware Requirements for HDR Streaming on Windows 10

  • A minimum of 1080P resolution and 300 nits of brightness
  • Monitor that supports HDR10 standard and Display Port 1.4 or HDRMI 2.0 or higher.
  • A graphics card that supports Microsoft’s Play Read DRM.

You can also double-check on the monitor support by going to Windows HD Color Settings and figure if the HDR settings are available. If you have multiple monitors, you may want to change them.

Enable HDR Support in Edge

How to Enable HDR Support on Microsoft Edge

If you want to watch HDR content on Microsoft Edge, you should follow the steps below. You need to make changes in Microsoft Edge.

  1. Enable Hardware Acceleration
  2. Enable PlayReady DRM
  3. Change Color Profile Settings

You do not need admin permission to resolve this.

1] Enable Hardware Acceleration

Enable Hardware Acceleration Edge

2] Enable PlayReady DRM

Enable PlayDRM on Edge

  • Open Edge. Type edge://flags and press the Enter key
  • Type PlayReady or DRM in the search
  • Once the option —PlayReady DRM for Windows 10—appears on the list, click on the dropdown next to it.
  • Select Enabled and restart the browser.

3] Change Color Profile Settings

HDR10 Color Profile Edge

Similarly, you can force color profile settings in Windows 10 that work with HDR.

  • Open Edge. Type edge://flags and press the Enter key
  • Search Color Profile, and it should reveal the Force color profile option
  • Click on the dropdown, and select HDR10.

You can skip this setting if HDR streaming works without changing it. Windows adapts to multiple color profiles depending on the content and renderer, so it doesn’t have to be on all the time.

Unable to get HDR Streaming on Edge?

If you cannot get HDR content even after you have enabled it on your browser, then it is possible that the streaming service you are using might not support it. Some streaming service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime are already supporting HDR on Microsoft Edge but only at 1080P. You can go to the service’s settings and lower the resolution through one of the options.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you can now stream HDR content when using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Enable HDR Support in Edge

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