How To Fix Corrupted USB Drive Or SD Card In Windows Computer

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Yes you can easily repair any corrupted storage devices using Command Prompt in Windows Computer
–Commands for CMD–
1. Diskpart
2.List Disk
3. Select Disk 0,1,2,3… ( Select your corrupted storage device)
4. Clean
5. Exit
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how to repair windows 7

20 thoughts on “How To Fix Corrupted USB Drive Or SD Card In Windows Computer

  • After the list disk command only my computer hard disk shows up, my usb device does not show up. It is not physically damaged, it just became "invisible" suddenly. Help please.

  • Amazing.. Thanks a lot

  • Hòw about this, i put my usb drive in my computer then it says there that i need to format the disk in drive E before i can use it. But the problem is that im afraid i might format all its important files.

  • If the device is not being detected at all, then what to do?

  • Yow me boss as easy as 123 respect 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Thank you so much, my usb key said it had 370gb but it was a 2TB key. Thank you so much 👍

  • When I pluging usb it shows but taking too much time. And says please insert disk.

  • once i was coping windows iso file in my usb… but in the middle of the coping proces my electricity conection is losted… now my usb is now get unusable and turned into read only mood.. when i try to clean it from cmd it don't work.. my usb totally curropted now what should i do

  • Virtual service error there is no media in the device

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