How To Fix Dell No Boot Device / No Bootable Device / Boot Device Not Found / Exiting PXE ROM Laptop

If your Dell computer is giving you a No Boot Device, Boot Device Not Found, or other boot up issue, follow this for help troubleshooting. As always, I try to answer all questions and comment!

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Q: What if I cannot switch between Legacy and UEFI?
A: If you cannot manage to switch between UEFI and Legacy or it does not work, just skip that step and continue with the rest of the steps seen here in this updated video: What was the result of the diagnostic scan?

Q: It says I can’t enable the legacy option ROMS with PTT enabled
A: Go into the Security Tab and try to Disable PTT Security. If that does not work, then skip that step, and continue with the rest of the steps seen here in this updated video: What was the result of the Diagnostic Scan?

Q: What key do you press to access the diagnostic test?
A: F12

Q: What if the factory reset does not work?
A: Newer computers are starting up so fast these days that the Factory Reset from the Startup menu is becoming more and more obsolete. In that case, skip that step and continue with the new install of Windows 10;

Q: What if the Hard Drive fails the test?
A: If your Hard Drive fails the test, you will have to replace it. Then you would need to install Windows to the new drive as seen here;
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Q: What if the test says the hard drive is not installed or not available?
A: That means its either bad or loose. I would first try ‘reseating’ the Hard Drive. That is where you unplug it and then plug it back in, making sure its properly plugged in and secure. Try the scan again. If it still says that its not installed, then its most likely bad and needs to be replaced. You can see how to do that here; You would also then need to install an operating system onto the new one as seen here;
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Q: What if changing the settings in BIOS didn’t help and the scan passes everything?
A: If changing the settings in BIOS did not help, and the diagnostic scan showed all components to be healthy, then its most likely an issue with your operating system. Can you find any Restore or Repair options in BIOS? Or perhaps an option to Uninstall Last Update? If not, your last resort would be to reinstall the Operating System.
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Q: The test says the battery is almost dead. Is that my issue?
A: If the test says your battery is dying, I would definitely replace it asap. However, that’s most likely not the cause of your boot loop. To make sure, remove the battery and try to turn the computer on with only the power adapter plugged in. What happens then?

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  • This video is so helpful
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  • Thank you so much I almost shat myself when my computer started acting haywire

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  • This is awesome, but mine still go back to No Bootable Device found mood when turn of and turn on.

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  • What if you followed all the steps, it says the Hardware and the Ram are “ok” but it still won’t boot up?

  • I put in a different ssd nvme in my inspiron 15 3505 and it shows no drivers when trying to select a hard drive for a new windows install. I tried to get the new driver update for it and put it on a USB stick and when I browse for drivers it won't show the drive lr on my USB stick.

  • Hey it didn't work for me. It keeps saying no boot device found on a black screen. Place any key to reboot but goes back to same screen

  • Thank you so much for this video. I am not a techie, but I was able to repair my computer thanks to this video.

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