How To Fix HP Black Screen – Computer Starts But No Display – Screen Not Working / Dim

Use this video to assist you troubleshooting and repairing your computer if it starts but the screen is staying black or dim. If all the steps here failed to identify the issue and you could not get the computer to display to an external monitor, then the issue is most likely with your motherboard. It would need to be replaced. An example of that procedure is seen here; Let me know if you would like assistance with that operation.

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Q: My screen wont work but it will display to an external display. What do I do?
A: If the rest of the tests in this video didn’t identify the issue, but the computer will display to an external monitor, then the issue is most likely with your LCD or your LCD Cable. ‘Reseat’ the cable by unplugging it from the Motherboard and the LCD. Then plug it back in to make sure the connections are secure. If that does not help, then replace the cable. If that does not work, replace the LCD.

Q: I tried all these steps but with no luck.
A: If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps seen here and could not identify the issue, and the computer would also not display to an external monitor, then the problem is most likely with your motherboard. It would then need to be replaced. Let me know if you would like assistance with that operation 🙂

Q: What if the RAM is part of the Motherboard?
A: If the RAM is integrated into the motherboard, you wont be able to test for it separately. A RAM problem would be a motherboard problem. Skip that step and try the external monitor test.

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20 thoughts on “How To Fix HP Black Screen – Computer Starts But No Display – Screen Not Working / Dim

  • Mine laptop starts logs in but then black screens idk what to do im scared to open it up could you help

  • I followed the steps and completed the ram check. The display worked correctly with only one ram. I bought a new one and placed it in the second slot. The display did not work. So I rotated each ram into the first slot and display worked fine. Repeated the same steps with the second slot… no display. At this point I am thinking it is board issue. Thanks!

  • Should I be so worried about this problem? Because I have so many design projects I need to submit for my classes, like is it a sign my computer will die?

  • Hello again , I have an HP G62 that has no display. I watched this video and nothing helped. The mother does not look like the two you showed. It comes on and it boots (I get the Windows boot sound) but the screen is lightly illuminated but no images at all. When I try lightening or darkening, it does that. I dont have a serial cable but did try 3 different HDMI cables and there is nothing on the remote that shows either. I am leaning toward a Mother Board issue. How can I identify it so I can get the correct replacement?

    Thank you. Robert

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  • My keyboard keeps blinking but they is no display I've tried to remove the battery and the ram and I'm very frustrated 😞😞😞 help 😭😭😭😭

  • OMGGGG!!! Taking the battery out was all I needed to do to get the screen to display! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I literally haven't turned this dinosaur of a laptop on since 2013. THank you so much!

  • My laptop turns on with black screen and my laptop key keeps flashing.

    after several tries it turns on.

  • ❤thank you so much for you wonderful advise..hard press did solve the problem…u r a life saver🎉

  • Any bro I think the best I can do right now is say thank you… I found the problem one of the rams was bad

  • Using the Hdmi cable helped big time🙏🏾💪🏾!!! The laptop screen is still black, but it's visible on my tv💪🏾 Which as he says may be a bad LCD cable or the screen itself. I havent gotten that far yet. Thx a lot 4 the help#💯#💪🏾#🙏🏾

  • So I have a HP stream I was using it one day and didn't shut it down just closed it and took it home then it wouldn't start. I sent it to a "computer tech" that did not know what to do at all so I got it back and figured out that my old stream that the screen was just hanging (little kids broke it) well I charged it and found it still worked so I changed one piece at a time to see what piece was not working found that changing the motherboard got it to get power the caps key is lighting up. But I am not getting a display now and before I was getting a quick flash from it trying to start. I don't know what connector is the one that is to the screen. What should I try ?

  • I know this is an old video but this was the only one that actually helped me, thankfully it wasn’t a motherboard issue and all I had to do was pop those two things out and back in and screw everything back up

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