How To Fix/Solve Windows 10 No Sound Problem

In This Video, I Will Show You How To Fix/Solve Windows 10 No Sound Problem

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One thought on “How To Fix/Solve Windows 10 No Sound Problem

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    April 21, 2021 at 8:45 am

    Hello, I recently replaced the motherboard on my toshiba z40-a laptop and after replacing it i notice i don't get no sound from the speakers neither when i plug in a headphone, the laptop doesn't detect a headphone is plugged on windows. i have tried everything i could find online:

    – Reinstalling Realtek audio driver

    – Uninstalling Realtek audio driver then restarting laptop

    – Disable enhancements in sound settings

    – Changing Realtek audio driver to high definition restarting then still nothing

    – Unplugging speaker cable and headphone cable reconnecting them back still nothing.

    But when i use a bluetooth speaker to connect via bluetooth i hear sound playing. What could be causing this issue to happen where i don't hear any sound from the speakers and the laptop doesn't detect when a headphone is plugged in but when i connect a bluetooth speaker to the laptop, i hear sound?


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