How to Format Windows 7 Ultimate step by step in hindi

How to Format Windows 7 Ultimate step by step in hindi
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Step 1, Restart your computer.
Step 2, and Press BOOT Key “F2,F9,F10.F11,F12” CD/DVD/USB. Select that option. Windows will start loading its files.
Step 3, “Install Windows” page, click Next.
Step 4, On the “Where do you want to install Windows?” page, click Drive options (advanced).
Click the partition that you want to format and click Format.
If you have more than one partition on this hard drive and want to get rid them to make one big drive again, then select a partition and click on the Delete option for each partition. Once you have deleted all of the partitions, select the Unallocated Space partition and click Format.
Pick the formatting option that you want.
When you’ve finished formatting, click Next.

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