How to install Joomla 3 on CentOs 7 /Redhat 7 Linux (RHEL)

This tutorial shows you how to install Joomla 3 on CentOS 7 / Redhat 7 Linux (RHEL). The commands that you need to follow along with this tutorial can be found here:

How to install Joomla 3 on CentOs 7 /Redhat 7 Linux.

To follow along with the tutorial you will need to have CentOS, Apache and MySQL (MariaDB) Installed. You can see how to do so in the following videos:

How to install CentOS 7:

How to install Apache on CentOS 7

How to Install MariaDB (MYsql) on CentOS 7

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This tutorial shows you first how to download, unzip and move the Joomla files to the correct directory for apache.

Next it shows you how to download and install php including the php-mysqli extension that is needed by Joomla.

You will then see how to configure Apache to see the Joomla files.

Next you will then configure permissions and set up your Joomla Database in MYSQL (MariaDB)

Finally you will install Joomla.

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