How to install UBUNTU 18.04 32 bit – Using the Net Installer | UBUNTU LINUX INSTALLATION

▶️ Video with the new Links for the Ubuntu 32 Bit Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW4u1CwIOkU

Here you can find my video about MX Linux 21:
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OREMJd_Sbss

Check out other distributions that support 32 bit in 2022:
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwK_toOWwgM&t

How to install Ubuntu 18.04 32 bit with the Ubuntu Mini ISO.
You need the Ubuntu 32 bit ISO of Ubuntu.

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32 thoughts on “How to install UBUNTU 18.04 32 bit – Using the Net Installer | UBUNTU LINUX INSTALLATION

  • when you have to select architecture it doesnt dowload when you click it, from there it shows you a lot of files that i dont know what to select

  • Hi Joe. I’m trying to install linux on 2,1 mac pro. It has 32bit uefi and 64 bit architecture. How could I burn an image to cd that would boot on 32 bit but have 64bit versions? Any help would be appreciated. Great work

  • Hello Brother, i want to install ubuntu 32 bit on my laptop but i cannot find that option.. Guide me

  • I have a ubuntu 18.04 , file sharing is already enabled , but everyone can see others file kept in central server i want to make a centralised share folder where students can save their file in server with id password. Is this possible , pls suggest Thank you

  • many of our Pcs are of no use now becoz now ubuntu is 64 bit , can i get 32 bit 20.04

  • I followed the instruction step by step and got to the final step which is to reboot the machine. after doing that, it immediately took me to the first step of installing, it is kinda like going in a loop. I have tried couples of time and same issue. Do you have any idea what might cause that? thank you.

  • I need help, when I do the archive mirror thing it stays at 0%, and then it just shows a purple screen with nothing. HELP ME PLEASE

  • sirr …mera laptop k window 10 h 32 bit h and ram 2 gb can i install this ?

  • OH MAN ,GOT A BLACK SCREEN !!!! while booting up it shows a with commands, Here 's how to fix this in minutes🥳

    1.after installing ubuntu ,boot your pc
    2. you will see black screen with commands
    3.type your username and password
    4.and then type this (sudo apt install –reinstall ubuntu-gnome-desktop)then press enter ,it will ask you password so type it
    5.your pc will reinstall ubuntu in a several mins,
    6.after it completes, reboot the system and ENJOY!!👍


  • Thanks josef bro I was able to download ubuntu this comment is also written by Ubuntu Os T H A N K Y O U

  • I have an old laptop.
    1GB RAM DDR 3 1066 mghertz.
    Which version should I install now?
    Can I keep both windows and ubuntu?
    Should I increase RAM?

  • what should i am use for my potato laptop??

    ubuntu 32bit or windows 7 32bit?

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