How to Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 11 | Dual Boot Guide | Nerdbash

Welcome to Nerdbash! In this video, we’ll show you step-by-step how to dual boot Windows 11 and Ubuntu, creating a seamless environment where you can enjoy the best of both operating systems. Whether you’re looking to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 11 for the first time or upgrading from Windows 10, our easy-to-follow guide has you covered.

We’ll cover everything from preparing your system, creating partitions, and installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 11, ensuring you can switch between the two OSs effortlessly. This tutorial is perfect for tech enthusiasts, developers, and anyone interested in exploring the flexibility of dual booting.

Download links:

ubuntu- https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop

rufus- https://rufus.ie/en/

*do check the key to enter the bios of your laptop or computer

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